Are you a football lover? If yes, then you have came right way up. This article will lead you to the best 5 football games that will seem much entertaining to you and that you will enjoy playing.We had already write top 10 Android fitness apps which helps you to  maintain your fitness. The top 5 football games are as follows: FOOTBALL KICK This is much of an interesting game. All you have to do is to set 3 things, angle, power and direction and then just kick it through the wall to score against the other team. Keep trying to throw it over the wall and see how good a football kicker you are. REAL FOOTBALL 2014 This game sets a perfect environment for playing a game that seems real. So now you can enjoy playing more of a real football game on your handset before Real football 2012 is also perfect game to play. It contains very realistic teams that you see more often, realistic grounds and all other realistic features also know as fantasy football.If you love to see FIFA world cup 2014 then this game is your type because it has all those famous teams for example, Turkey football, Spain football, UK football, Germany football, Italy football, USA football, Indonesia football, Uruguay football, Argentina football, Brazil football, France football, Portugal football, England football and you can play tournaments and leagues with proper semi finals and finals like European premier league, England premier league, Barclays premier league and Sky bet league. FLUID SOCCER This game comes as a blend of new soccer and the tactics that real players use in playing. If you are about to play any game then it would be needing a proper game plan and techniques used in playing. The tactics of goal making are used in this game. You need drawing phenomenon to make your goal. Moreover it has a very appealing 3D affect that makes your goal look real. Meanwhile, you can enjoy the commentary of Andy gray and Richard Keys. So go for it, install it now and make soccer be at your finger tips. SOCCER CHAMPIONS 2014 This is more of a quiz type game, it has total 25 levels and all you have to do is to guess the name of the player coming on the screen. You can stay up to date about football by using the info option and even can set an alarm. You have to guess the coats of different teams in the memory game. If is much fun!! FOOTBALL QUIZ As the name indicates, this is a quiz game about football. It...

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Download best social game Pirates of the Caribbean Free for Android

It should be observed that Master of the Seas is much more closely relevant to the social games you would find on Facebook than whatever else. So if social games just are not for you, then you likely will not get much from this one. During the game, you are invited to connect to Facebook, share with friends, and make friends. While it is totally possible to proceed on without actually linking to and making friends, the progress will be shateringly slow. That becoming sad, on with the rest of the review! Expert of the Seas is the first cell phone game to merge deep story and outstanding graphics with powerful social gameplay. Come to be a pirate as you make your ship, build your team, and embark on missions covered around the lore from the Pirates of the Caribbean universe. Download Pirates of the Caribbean Free for Android – Google Play Link Encourage friends to join your team, the greater your team the stronger you are! Fight other pirates to gain benefits and improve your standing. Buy cannons, guns, amulets, and components to upgrade your ship. Explore incredible islands, buy properties, and complete quests to earn gold and experience. Only the smartest pirates know when to plunder rivals, challengers friends, and chart a course to become a star — The Master of the Seas! Gameplay: The way this game is performed is quite easy – sail around in your ship from island to island on a mission to finish quests, combat other pirates, and finally become master of the seas. Basically, there are only four factors of this game you will have to focus on, and all those are your team, battles, stabilizing up, and missions. Everything is story-based, so you would not basically be using any controls, guiding ships, or firing weapons. Overall, this game is very fun. It is designed more towards social players, so it may not be for every person. However, the story that goes together with it is enjoyment and entertaining, so those that do not normally like games like this and can still appreciate it. Watch the Actual Gameplay Video...

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Home Run Battle 3D available Free for the whole week – Download Now

For those people who like baseball, what possibly will be the highlight of each game is when a player make a homerun. The show of power, timing and genuine grit simply would have any viewer energized on a baseball game. For those who want to create their own homeruns, even it can be just by means of a game, then Homerun Battle 2 for Android would absolutely help relive those moments. Homerun Battle 2 is a quite simple game where a player is a slugger out to create the most homeruns out there. He sets his or her expertise with other players to see who can score the most homeruns. But it actually is more than just a homerun contest. Players can choose their own heroes which can be personalized along with choices to change styles, apparel bats and more. Download Home Run Battle 3D – Google Play Link There are various ways that players can enjoy Homerun Battle 2. They can have a one on one the multiple, a survival competition or a mission mode game. You have also a mode where sluggers will try to make homeruns for as much as they want. An arcade mode is also offered as well as a exercising mode to practice those hitting skills before the real game. Homerun Battle 2 also permits players to play with other sluggers from all over the world. Homerun Battle 2 for Android is offered at Google play for a $1 download Free. FEATURES: Play versus other players from all over the world. You can also customize your character’s body structure, skin color or whatever you want. Extra stats and abilities can be included with fascinating styles, clothing, and bats. Select your own stadium: Awesome and superb themes with enjoyable grand-slams! 6 Different Game modes DUEL : One on One Match-up Challenge SURVIVAL : Survival Match-up Battle MISSION : Match-up with a highest of 4 players to Clear Missions BURNING : Never-ending throws burn through the wind, Swing Boost High ARCADE : Task on Success and New Records TRAINING : Exercise and train to be the all-time Slugger Home Run Battle 3D available Free Now- Google Play...

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Tegrazone Player’s favorite game awards go to GTA III and Shadowgun

At the starting of May, NVIDIA opened voting for a new circular of prizes that would highlight some of the best TegraZone games. The TegraZone Player’s Choice Awards were determined by you, the fans, whose votes went toward records to win one of seven ASUS Transformer Pad award packs. To enjoy their first year of Tegra Zone games they had fairly the giveaway and award contest for Best Design, Best Gameplay and Best Overall — and today the final results are in. Out of all the brilliant and remarkable NVIDIA THD games the two games that are on the top were SHADOWGUN by MadFinger Games, and Grand Theft Auto III by Rockstar. It is really quite amazing just how outstanding the graphics from SHADOWGUN really were. We have a great video using the HTC One X operated by NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 quad-core playing both of these games so check it out below: Best Graphics: Shadowgun THD won by a landslide for its class-defining visuals. Shadowgun THD provides tons of unique content you will not find on any other gaming platform: water fluid results, destruction and aging effects, and even particle effects, just to name a few. Check out Shadowgun in Tegra Zone Best Gameplay: This group saw some warmed back-and-forth among GTA III and Shadowgun THD. Eventually, GTA III, from Rockstar, came out in front. Thanks to full-on game controller support on Tegra gadgets, Rockstar’s hit headline was voted tops in Best Gameplay. Check out GTA III in Tegra Zone Best Overall: This combat was a nail-biter. GTA III and Shadowgun THD duked it out to win the Finest Overall crown, but Rockstar’s GTA III squeaked past Madfinger’s third-person shooter to be chosen as the Best Overall game in TegraZone. With full 3D audio and game control support, GTA III is as creatively stunning as it is exciting to...

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Top 3 apps of the Month for Android are available Free for Download

1. Download Real Football 2012 Free for Android Real Football is back once again for the new season, giving football on cell phone to a new era! Be a part of the team of fans as you make and share content with the Custom Kit Editor. Expertise the greatest football game on smartphone thanks to many important upgrades and the improvement of the most finish and pleasurable community oriented features. Features: Replay the Game you just saw on T.V Take a Position on the Field with Custom Kits Soccer at its Biggest The regular Fifpro License A lot of Game Modes to Appreciate Download Real Football 2012 Free – Google Play Link Read Complete Features of Real Football 2012 – Getfreeandroidapps Link   2. Download Talking Tom Cat 2 Free For Android Tom is a cat that responds to touch and do it again everything you say with one voice with fun results. You can pet, poke or grab tail. Hours of fun and fun to talk to Tom. It is specially Fun for Youngsters. Record your own video of Tom, save them to your library and send them as MMS, share them on YouTube and Facebook or E-mail. PLEASE NOTE: “Before running the application for the first time you will be required to download extra 3-28 MB to get the best graphics quality for your device.” Download Talking Tom Cat 2 Free – Google Play Link Read Complete Features of Talking Tom Cat 2 – Getfreeandroidapps Link   3. Download FRONTLINE COMMANDO Free for Android Glu Mobile releases it’s latest action game known as Frontline Commando that includes shooting, action, and the game is free of cost. Gamers became a part of one man army working with waves of enemies in various tasks. The shootouts in some cases occur nearby enough to use a shotgun or assault rifle, or way sufficient to use a sniper rifle with scope. In spite of the range, the odds are in opposition to you, so you will need to get weapon and protection upgrades from the store. * Android 2.1+ required: Frontline Commando is an excellent game that can offer a great stability of difficulty and fun. Handles for aiming, firing, reloading, and monitoring risks. There are many tasks and success games to complete, so give it a test if your Android phone is suitable. Download FRONTLINE COMMANDO Free – Google Play Link Read Complete Features of FRONTLINE COMMANDO – Getfreeandroidapps...

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EA Sports releases FIFA 12 and NBA Jam on Google Play

EA Sports has launched two long awaited games on Google Play in Europe and North America today FIFA (Soccer) 12 and NBA Jam. FIFA 12 is the most recent in the long running soccer football business, and released on games controllers and iOS last October. The Android edition initially launched specifically on the Xperia Play last December, taking Sony’s “optimized for Xperia Play” branding. Now EA’s started out things up to anyone with $5 (£4.15 in the UK) to spare and an Android 2.1+ device. Furthermore, NBA Jam is one more classic franchise which has finally made its way all over to Google’s app store. EA guarantees arcade basketball action offering all 30 NBA teams, such as head-to-head multiplayer over Wifi or Bluetooth. NBA Jam is cost at $5 in North America, or £3 in Europe. We’ve got got Google Play links for each titles below: FIFA Soccer 12 by EA Sports for North America FIFA Soccer 12 by EA Sports for Europe NBA jam by EA Sports for North America NBA jam by EA Sports for...

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