Stylish Horoscope Android App Review

In the busy life it is not possible to read the weekly magazines or daily magazines to check your horoscope. Keeping in view this point Droid Experiment has introduced the app named Stylish Horoscope. This is the amazing app by using which you can read  your daily horoscope. Daily horoscope is prepared for the users of the Stylish Horoscope by the team of expert astrologists. Stylish Horoscope is providing you with free horoscope daily without any charges. You are also able to share your daily horoscope with your friends on the facebook or twiter. Daily Horoscope Android App: You can also see the horoscope of the whole week. The unique feature of the app is that if you have missed seeing the horoscope someday than you can see it on next day. The horoscope is available in the multiple languages you can choose the language according to your level of understandability of the language. You are also able to adjust the size of the text. If you are comfortable in reading horoscope you can set the font size to large or as per your choice. Well Designed App: The well designed graphics of Stylish Horoscope is making this app more appealing to use. The interface of the app is user friendly user is going to get no issues once he start using the app.  The user can also calculate their sign. Detailed Explanations: There are the explanations regarding your daily horoscope your love, health and other things in your life. So before starting your day have a look on your daily horoscope if you are so busy and have no time to see your daily horoscope you can also see the weekly horoscope because Stylish Horoscope provides you with the horoscope of the next 6 days.   Share your experiences with us and with your friends. This app is available for free download at Play Store. Download it and start using it and tell us that what is your star. Tell us that how many things happened to you as mentioned in your daily horoscope? Recommend Stylish Horoscope to your friends also and see what they have to share about their daily horoscope. You can free download Stylish Horoscope Android App from...

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Android Language Translator App

Free Translate is the Android app that is going to translate the language for you.This app is amazing translator app that’s going to provide you with the right data .You just have a need to have the internet connection to use this app. One of the best Android Language Translator app is the Free translate because it has the all the technology that Language Translator app has the requirement.You are able to translate the text in the more than 40 different kinds of the languages. That means this app is going to reduce the language hurdles. Learning the Languages: If you are businessman or you have to deal with some clients that are in the foreign than you it is important part to know about their language so you are able to deal with them.In that scenario just open the Free Translate app and start searching for the translation by simply typing the text.If you are in love to learn the new language this app is also going to provide you the way. Enter the text in your own language and than translate it other language that you want to learn .  Unique features of the free translate Best  Android Language Translator App: Share on the social Networks Copy, Paste your text Clean your text Listen to your all text Learning Languages Best Quick translator It is the oldest saying that slow and the steady wins the race same is the case here it is not possible to learn the all languages or the language of your choice in  the day. Daily search for the regularly use words of your language to translate on the other language that you have to lean there is going to come  the point in your life that one by one you are going to learn the all popular languages or at least you are going to familiar with languages. This app is available at Google Play free of  the...

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Updated Kaspersky Mobile Security Available to Download

Kaspersky is one of the best antivirus software for PC and mobile. Like PC, if you also care about your mobile (Android) and are worried about mobile security to avoid viruses, spam, spyware and internet threats; now is the best time to update your mobile antivirus. Kaspersky has just released updated premium protection for Android smartphones and tablets. The updated version of Kaspersky mobile security has stability improvements and bug fixes. Kaspersky mobile security gives all time anti-theft and real time virus protection to your Android smartphone and tablet. In updated version they are giving 30 days trial and lite version of update is not released yet. Kaspersky mobile security has relatively lower prices than other mobile security software’s. Kaspersky mobile security is worth $4.95 and Kaspersky tablet security is worth $9.95. Previously, they released lite versions of app for free but this time they are not providing lite version instead giving 30 days trial with full features of app. The updated version is available to download on Play Store and you can also check the links below for convenience in download: Download Kaspersky Mobile Security Download Kaspersky Tablet Security                           I tried it for my Android smartphone and I must say it is much better than many other security apps; updated version is much improved than previous versions. A worth download security app for your Android, do give it a try and let me know how it worked for your...

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Official eBay App updated to version 2.1 for Android

Shopping couldn’t be easier without eBay. The official eBay app for Android is updated to version 2.1 with bug fixes and some feature enhancements. eBay is a must have app on Android for buyers and sellers to browse, shop, sell and manage their eBay activities whenever and wherever they are. The updated version of eBay is having improved selling features to enlist your stuff more easier and faster than before. New Features The new features of version 2.1 of eBay for Android include: Streamlined listing flow makes it faster and easier to list your items Save multiple listing drafts so you can finish at your convenience Calculated shipping now supported (domestic only) More guidance and pre-populated fields to simplify the process Saved search improvements Improved shipment tracking information Improved image handling The size of updated version of eBay is 5.2M and is available to download for free from Google Play store. Download from the Google Play link below: Updated eBay Version 2.1 for Android – Google Play Link If you are already using previous version of eBay on your Android, just update it to new version 2.1. Go to Google Play > My Apps > Tap on the official eBay button, the app will be automatically updated to new version on your device. If you haven’t used this app before on your Android device try it out today, it is such an amazing app for Android. Stay tuned to us for more news and updates or you can follow us for social...

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Google added Public Alerts to Search and Maps for Android

Google’s Public Alert feature is added to Google Search and Maps for Android. Google Public Alerts is a useful feature which displays about natural disasters and emergencies like storms and earthquakes. It will help users to stay up-to-date with important information about disasters and emergencies, especially the emergency situations about natural disaster Sandy. The addition of Public Alerts was not planned by Google until last week but when the Sandy hits north eastern US on Monday, Google announced on their blog post to add Public Alerts in Google Search and Maps. It is available in browser on Google Maps for Android and Google Now for Android devices running Jellybean 4.1. Currently, the service is available in English for US but Google is working on it to expand the services. “We were planning on announcing the new features in a few days, but wanted to get them out as soon as possible so they can be helpful to people during this time,” Nigel Snoad, Google Crisis Response product manager, wrote in the post. “This is part of our continuing mission to bring emergency information to people when and where it is relevant.” “We’re able to gather relevant emergency safety information thanks to a strong network of partners, including NOAA and USGS,” says Snoad. “Their commitment to open standards like the Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) is what makes this all possible. We’ve also developed partnerships to bring you even more relevant alerts in the future, including local emergency data from Nixle.” So, now you will be able to get all Public Alerts on your Android via Search and Map. Check out this new feature and stay up-to-date with all important information regarding disasters and emergencies. Stay tuned to...

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Google Calendar now available as standalone app with new features in Google Play store

Another smart addition of app in the Google Play store. All of us are aware of Google Calendar and we use it. Good news is that now Google Calendar is available as a standalone application in Google Play store. The calendar app requires at least Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich or Jellybean to be downloaded. It is the same calendar app which is also added to Google Nexus tablets and smartphones. Google Calendar is an awesome app to manage all your calendars at one place in your phone. The app lets you create, edit, delete events, and also respond to invitations. There are many new features that are added to the calendar app like snooze reminders, pinch to zoom in or out, setting of home time zone and facility of predefined messages. Additionally, the sync period is also expanded in the standalone app of calendar. It is available to download from the Google Play store or you can download from the link below: Download Google Calendar App – Google Play Link New Features Check out the list of new features that are added to the Google Calendar standalone app. Snooze events directly from a notification if you’re not quite ready and want to be reminded later. Use predefined messages to send quick “I’ll be late” updates to your event participants directly from the notifications or the event itself. Pinch to zoom in and out of a day. Set a home time zone to help you manage your time better when traveling. We suggest you do try this interesting app to manage your calendars and events. Have a good day and stay tuned to us for more news and...

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