Best Android Browser Baidu Browser

Baidu Browser is the new browser that is published in market on 30th July 2014 by BAIDU HK. There are so many browsers  that are already available in the market but Baidu has made it place even though it is an new browser because of its unique features. What You can do using Baidu Browser: You can search very quickly and easily any data by using this browser. This is because of the feature of the browser that it speed up the speed of the downloading data and the data you are searching for. The developers of the Baidu has kept great care that the data of the users is kept  secure. You are not forced to open that data you are just provided with options to choose for your fun and information. One more interesting feature  this browser offers is that it automatically displays all the amazing data including pictures, videos and all other data in the browser. You can  use the 3 screen option on the one tab. No other browser let you search, browse and download on the single tab.  You can easily change the language of the browser by changing the settings of the browser also you can subscribe to the data or the content which is your favorite so you don’t have to visit again and again the content you want to get update of. No Security Concern: This browser is the best browser for the Android Phones  because  it keeps the security and privacy of the data as main concern.. There is the mode in the browser named as the incognito. When this mode is used No history of the data that you have searched and browsed is saved on the browser .If you want to get updates about weather and news you are provided with the links you can save them on your desktop by placing the widgets that are automatically update the data. Baidu Browser is freely available on the App Store. Download it on your system and android phones both, this is best for both. If you have any query ask us at To get recent updates like  Facebook page of the baidu browser You can free download Baidu Browser from Google Play...

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Best Android Battery Saver App and Widgets DU Battery Saver

Android  Phones the most used phone in the word now a days  they have so many benefits but one main issue is about battery. The battery of these phones drop very quickly. Every apps consume the battery and the apps that run in the background consumes the battery all the time this is the reason the battery of your phone drops quickly. So you have to use some good battery saver you can save your battery. Best battery Saver in market: DU Battery Saver is the best battery saver in market . it helps you to save your battery and last it longer. Now you don’t have to face the battery problems and you also don’t need to worry about saving your battery because it is the task of DU Battery Saver.  If you are facing any kind of the battery problem just use the optimize button and you will get to know about the issue that  your battery is going through. The optimize home screen widget of the app let you stop the background apps that you are not using and they are open in the background and consuming the battery. Closing the background apps is going to save half of your battery. Battery Details: The best part of this amazing app is that it let you know the correct statistics that to which percent battery is charge and tells you exact percentage of how much charging time and percentage is left. Increase Battery Life: This app is designed and developed by DU APPS STUDIO. This app not also help you to save the battery but also helps to increase the life of the battery. DU Battery Saver is the best app to see the accurate details of  the battery.No need to worry about Processor or any other thing you can download this on any android phone and it is going to save your battery. Set the modes of the battery according to your requirement according to the usage of the battery. DU Battery Saver is the best app to use for saving the battery, increasing the battery life and seeing the exact details about charging and battery life for your Android Phones. Download it now it is available free of cost on the App Store. If you have any query regarding DU Battery Saver contact us at You can free download DU Battery Saver and Widget app from Google Play App Store...

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Musations Best Music App

Musations is the great app that is going to make your chat more appealing and interesting. Enjoy and express your words by using the music in your chat. Musations is developed by Musations Ltd. This app is very easy to use. The interface is user friendly app.  There are so  many apps are there in market providing you with so many amazing features but none of the app is like Musations that provides you the opportunity to have fun while having conversation with your friends and family. How to Use the amazing Musations app: Enter Text Press the Search Choose the song that matches with your text Search Songs from the Music library: There are so many songs in the library , simply enter your text and then search to see the song that matches your text and simply add it in your text. You can also share your Musation with your followers but don’t worry if you don’t want sharing your Musation with your followers than you have to share it with your friends and family members in the private text messages. You are also allowed to share the Musation of your friends in your news feed. Categories In Musation: Musation is an amzing and fun to use app. Share it with your friends and family s you can share your fun texts with all your circle. You can also follow other people on Musation and have look on their Musation. In the updated versions of the Musation adding the comments feature is also included. The new sounds and the  stability are focused in the newest versions of the Musation. Featured Broadcasts Trending Broadcasts And so many other categories are there. Download this from App store. This app is available for free download. Feel free to ask any query regarding the app. Have fun and share your suggestions with us your feedback is always...

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File Expert with clouds Android App

File expert with clouds is an amazing app designed and developed by Geek Soft. This app let you manage your files and folders in your Phones, Computer and laptops easily. There are so many phone manager apps that are available at Play Store but none of them is competitive to File expert with clouds because of its unique features. Access to Internal and External Storage: You are going to have full access to your memory card, phone internal and external storage .The  simple and easy access to all the files and folders in your phone is  provided to you including your Gallery, Music folders, your documents and other APK files, if you going to use file expert with clouds. Powerful Search Engine and File Manager: The interesting feature of the file expert with clouds is the powerful search engine and powerful file manager. File expert with clouds allows you to perform all the operation like you can cut, copy, paste, rename, hide or create shortcuts of the files and folders. Data Transfer using the wireless; The best part of the app is that you can access your Phone from your System without using any wires or data cables.To easily find and access your files  the file expert with clouds allows you to add the tags. Access your files in the tabs in order to  switch and do your work  in easy way. Downloader and optimizer: The downloader provided to the users in file expert with clouds allows the fast download for its users.The One Touch Clean feature is there in the File expert with clouds to keep the users phone optimized. Setting Themes: You can also set different themes in this app , the themes include light, black and also mixed style, use theme of your own choice. You can also perform actions on your SD card using File expert with clouds. File expert with clouds is available for download at Play Store.   Enjoy this amazing app and share your suggestions and queries with...

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Solo Launcher Great and Fantastic Launcher app for your Android Phone

Solo Launcher is one of the great apps from all the other launcher apps that are available in market for Android.This app is beautifully designed and developed by the entire team of Solo Launcher.   Amazing app with great Features:   The one thing more you are going to see in this app is No advertisements are there in  such an amazing app free of cost app. Now set your favorite theme within seconds on your Phone, no need to search on the search engines simply install the Solo Launcher and choose your favorite them from the personalization settings.  You don’t need to have any technical knowledge in order to understand how to use the app, Solo Launcher is very easy and simple app that is easily understandable by all users. The one important and beneficial feature  this great app is providing is having an alert notification of the missed calls or text messages. You can also download the fonts that you want to use free of cost, Enjoy free download and use your selected fonts in your Phone. Organize your Apps according to your choice any where you want. You can also protect your apps by simply hiding  without setting  passwords. Unique App :   The unique part of the Solo Launcher is that it is fast and easy to use , no such launcher app is there in market as compared to Solo Launcher Only because of its efficiency, reliability and ease of use.There are so many communities for the users of the Solo Launcher so they can discuss and share their views and problems with each other and with developers.     Enjoy free download of  Solo Launcher on Play Store. Have fun and enjoy using this amazing app , don’t forget to share your views regarding  Solo Launcher . Like our Page on facebook  to get recent updates about    app.  Feel free to ask any question or give nay suggestion about Solo Launcher to the developer at...

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Top 10 Android Apps In The Month Of June

Smartphone is a necessity now days for the new generation. There are apps regarding everything. You can find every type of apps and can download it easily. We can make a hierarchy of apps and the top 10 android apps for the month of June are as follows: SMART IR REMOTE With the help of this app you can control all those systems that receive infrared commands because this app simply turns your smart phone into a smart remote and now you are able to control the devices like Air Conditioner, TV, DVD, VCR, amplifier etc. EVERY POST This app is for the person who loves dealing with a lot of social apps. This eases your dealings with different social apps. For example if a person wants to update same status on twitter, facebook and google+ then this app will do it for you and will post the same status on three sites. ADDAPPT This app helps to update your address book every time a person changes the details. It keeps a track of all the contacts in your phone and automatically does the work for you and also sync the contacts from facebook and Gmail. PING TUNE If you are a music lover and love to share your favorite tracks with friends then this app is for you. It helps you to share a full length audio or a full length video with your friend including threads like chatting in watsapp. It also includes the source from where the track is being shared for example sound cloud or youtube. STUMBLE UPON This is the the most apposite app related to all content. You just have to do is to tell the app about your inclination like music, fashion, trips etc And it brings the best content to you in the form of a perfect mixture of music, photos, articles, quotes and trips etc. IFTTT IFTTT or ‘if this then that’ is a newly arrived app on android which robotically makes a copy of every useful action on your phone for example makes a copy of every text message and sends it to your email. PHOGY 3D This is a worth using 3D photography app that makes your pictures come live. You just need to move your camera towards right and click a shot which you can even use as wallpaper or screensaver. SIDEBAR PLUS This app makes a side bar on your home screen which is always a smart move as the most used features of your smart phone are only a touch away. SCANBOT PDF SCANNER This scan app is a bit ahead of the others, it...

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