SocialCamp Facebook &Twitter

Presence on social media is the new fashion, these days. Everyone irrespective of his or her age is surely present on the social media and has their whole circle there. SocialCamp Facebook &Twitter: Facebook and Twitter are the two main forums where people like to spend most of their time. They post their live updates, their daily stuff, and interact with their friends. Some users have multiple accounts, which they want to operate at a time but practically it was not possible via their smartphone before the launch of SocialCamp app.   But this is possible now! If you have more than one Facebook or Twitter account, then you can certainly mange them by having the app SocialCamp: Facebook & Twitter. This app is very much useful in running the multiple Facebook & Twitter pages or profiles. You will get to see all the notifications at one place from all of your accounts. Some of the features of this amazing app are: –          You can schedule your posts for the later publishing. You do not have to pay the subscription charges for that even. –          With this app, you will get to know that what kind of post people liked and how your week went over the social media. With this analysis, you will get to know that what sort of content is being liked by others. –          You can do postings to your multiple accounts quickly. Also, you can Retweet them to the Facebook; you can share the posts from the Facebook to the Twitter with one click and on the different accounts at a time. –          This app will monitor the activities of your friends and will post the hot news for your followers. This app is highly secured and it does not use any third party for any sort of saving or sharing the content. Thus, for converting your Android phone into the social media platform, the SocialCamp app is very much important for...

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Emoji Best Messaging App

Emotions are the part of our life that represent our mood. Sometimes we don’t want to write words to express our feelings in such case the Emoji is the best thing to use that will help you to convey your word in the form of emotions. Like if you are feeling annoyed you can send an annoyed emotion so the person on the other side is going to know that you want to change the topic . Why Emoji: Ther are so many apps available  in the market that provides you with emotional stickers than why only Emoji is the best app to choose , it is because Emoji provides you with so many unique and interesting smiley’s that no other app is going to provide your. Than the other point is that so many categories are there in Emoji you can choose your emotion sticker according to your mood. 20 categories in the Emoji: There are more than the 20 categories in Emoji that you can use. You can also get more Emoji without having any cost even after the installation of the app.  The categories of the Emoji are defined according to the mood like there is the category of Happy, Sad, Good, Angry, Surprise, Love. Now you can get the Emotional stickers in the categories by simply clicking on them and then choosing the smiley that appeals you most. Support with the famous Messaging Apps: One of the best feature of the Emoji is that emotional stickers of the Emoji are supported in many messaging applications like whatsapp. So this proves that these stickers are not only supportable in messaging but also supportable with the other messaging apps. So what are you waiting for friends, Download this interesting app and start sending your friends amazing and unique smiley’s. Be happy always keep smile on your face and spread the smiles around...

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Top 10 Android Apps In The Month Of June

Smartphone is a necessity now days for the new generation. There are apps regarding everything. You can find every type of apps and can download it easily. We can make a hierarchy of apps and the top 10 android apps for the month of June are as follows: SMART IR REMOTE With the help of this app you can control all those systems that receive infrared commands because this app simply turns your smart phone into a smart remote and now you are able to control the devices like Air Conditioner, TV, DVD, VCR, amplifier etc. EVERY POST This app is for the person who loves dealing with a lot of social apps. This eases your dealings with different social apps. For example if a person wants to update same status on twitter, facebook and google+ then this app will do it for you and will post the same status on three sites. ADDAPPT This app helps to update your address book every time a person changes the details. It keeps a track of all the contacts in your phone and automatically does the work for you and also sync the contacts from facebook and Gmail. PING TUNE If you are a music lover and love to share your favorite tracks with friends then this app is for you. It helps you to share a full length audio or a full length video with your friend including threads like chatting in watsapp. It also includes the source from where the track is being shared for example sound cloud or youtube. STUMBLE UPON This is the the most apposite app related to all content. You just have to do is to tell the app about your inclination like music, fashion, trips etc And it brings the best content to you in the form of a perfect mixture of music, photos, articles, quotes and trips etc. IFTTT IFTTT or ‘if this then that’ is a newly arrived app on android which robotically makes a copy of every useful action on your phone for example makes a copy of every text message and sends it to your email. PHOGY 3D This is a worth using 3D photography app that makes your pictures come live. You just need to move your camera towards right and click a shot which you can even use as wallpaper or screensaver. SIDEBAR PLUS This app makes a side bar on your home screen which is always a smart move as the most used features of your smart phone are only a touch away. SCANBOT PDF SCANNER This scan app is a bit ahead of the others, it...

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kik messenger Review

As we all know that now a day’s smart phones have become a necessity for our new generation. They need it more than their food just because of its new apps and facilities that are very appealing especially to the new generation. The smart phones now are a part of you as they are always with you, always on and always connected, so you keep the world in your pocket. One of the most instant and appealing apps is the kik messenger which is not just a messenger but more than that. It was founded in 2009 and now almost 14 million people love kik because of its fast and unique features. It is available on every android, windows, ios and blackberry operating systems free of cost. This app helps to talk to your friends any time, share and browse any website you want. It is the fastest and life like app running now. Adding up, kik do not uses mobile phone numbers as the username like other apps it creates its own username so you have total control over your chatting and you can decide whom to talk or not. You can share photos, stickers and sketches with your friends and moreover you are able to browse and share links using this app without leaving the app or downloading something else. The main thing that makes this app life like and fun to use is that you come to know every minute that your messages are being delivered, seen or the next person is typing for the reply. Moving further to the SHARE facility, if you find some picture or some link interesting and you want to share it with your friends then it is such an easy task by just tapping on the ‘share’ option. Moreover, if we talk about its overall features, they are as follows: It works on different mobile systems, not specific ones. It is capable of embedding the images you like into your messages. It tells the users whether their messages are sent, delivered or read. You can even do offline messaging. You are able to customize the notification options. Sketch content messages. Youtube content messages. Image search content messages. You can have a group conversation with up to nine people. External application programming interface (API) Contains photobomb (a snap chat like photo sharing card) So download it now and start enjoying its unique features. ...

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Instagram review

If you have a smart phone and you don’t use it for new social apps to remain in touch with the social world then it’s useless. Instagram is a social app that comes up with its entirely new style and is the real place for the photos loving people. You can put as many pictures as you can and check the reviews among the people all over the world. Instagram was created in October 2010 and it rapidly gained popularity and till April 2012 about 100 million people loved it. This app is disturbed all among apple app store, google play and windows phone store. It is used for online photo sharing, video sharing and social networking site. You just take photos with the camera, filter it by using its unique and gorgeous effects and just post it, it’s that easy. People can see your pictures and like them all over the world. You can now transform every single moment of your life in the orm of a picture and then share it specifically with your friends and family or among the followers in your news feed on click of a single button. Every single time you open your instagram, you can see posts from your friends and from the people all over the world. Now coming to its features, they are as follows: You can upload unlimited photos. You can directly send photos and videos to your closest friends. You can have a wide social circle by giving and getting likes and comments on posts. You can follow your friends with just a click. You can connect and share it with other social sites like facebook, twitter etc. You can customize your pictures with following gorgeous build in effects. Normal Amaro: adds light by focusing in the centre. Mayfair: adds a slight pink tone with a thin black border. Rise: lightens the picture by making it ‘glow’ Hudson: generates an icy delusion. Valencia: fade the image. Sierra: makes the picture a bit softened. Earlybird: generates an older look by applying a sepia effect. X-Pro II: Increases color vibrancy with a golden tint, high contrast and slight vignette added to the edges. Willow: A monochromatic filter with delicate purple tones and a lucid white border. Lo-fi: Enriches color and adds strong shadows through the use of saturation and ‘warming’ the temperature. Sutro: Burns photo edges, increases highlights and shadows dramatically with a focus on purple and brown colors. And many more ……   Source :...

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Google+ Updated with Improvements in Profiles, Stream and Communities

Google released another update for their social network app “Google+”. This is a huge update with improvements for Android and iOS apps. iOS updates include Snapseed photo improvements with basic photo editing like rotate, crop and photo filters. But certainly, we will be focusing here on Android updates of Google+. For Android, many improvements are made in this update regarding posts, profiles and communities. The home or news stream is polished in this update; I think it’s an influence of Facebook on news stream because they have also provided with filter search results by ‘best’ or ‘most recent’. The best part of update is about Google+ Communities; now you can control volume of community posts in news stream, share posts in community and invite friends to community from your phone. Check out the list of updates made to Google+ for Android: New stream design including comment previews and swiping through photo albums inline Control the volume of posts that you see in your stream from individual circles/communities New app setup flow Filter search results by best or most recent Tell others about a community by sharing it or sending an invitation Re-share posts to communities Share your current location on your profile and control who can see it via G+ settings The update is available to download for free in Google Play. Overall it a successful update of Google+, app is getting better and users are happy with it. But more improvements are needed regarding profiles and photos and still sometimes app crashes during use. So, stay with us we’ll keep you update with more new apps and updates for...

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