Top 5 Diet and Nutrition apps

When it comes to live a happy and healthy life free of diseases then you need to take care of your diet plan and fitness. It is one of the main things to lead a perfect healthy life. Along with exercise you need to take proper diet, no one of them can give perfect results. So for this purpose these apps can help you with your diet plan similarly as a nutritionist can, the only difference is that you don’t have to pay a lot of money here as in the case of a nutritionist. Fooducate This app helps you to pick out the healthiest food from the bar code and maintains your diet plan perfectly. It gives you all the information about the food products that helps you in your diet daily. In addition to that, one can enter the nutritional information of the food cooked by him/her into that diet chart in this app. Calorie counter pro Calorie counter pro is a three in one app that does three functions all in one place. It is a comprehensive food scanner, nutrition log and exercise tracker. With its food scanner it scans the food bar codes and gives all the information about their nutrients helping to choose the right one. It also has an option to input custom foods and recopies with tracking upto 45 different nutrients. In the exercise tracker, users can enter more than 500 activities with an option of calories burnt. Moreover, there is a planning feature for dieters who want to set a proper target. You can download it here: Diet Point Weight Loss This app has more than 130 diet plans for different people to lose weight and lead a healthy life. It helps you to shop and tells you about your different meals at different times. In addition to that, it also notifies you at your meal times to avoid so many cravings and over eating. You can download it here: My Fitness Pal This is the calorie counter ap. It counts the calories in your choice of food and ultimately keeps you on a proper schedule that is complementary to your diet plan and so keeps you fit. You can download it here: LOSE IT! Lose it is another great app to help you approach your target weight. It provides you a diet plan by knowing your height, weight and goal weight and so it makes your daily intake of food much easier according to a proper diet plan.    ...

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Top 10 Fitness Android Apps of the month June

NIKE+RUNNING This is one of the best apps related to running. It is the easiest and cheering app; it just starts up, traces your itinerary using GPS and records your distance, time and pace. Moreover you can challenge your friends as well. PZZIZ SLEEP This app helps you when you are sleep destitute, contains the sound of ocean that respites your brain and relaxes you. You can always take a restful nap, get recharged and then start up again with a perfect workout.   FITOCRACY Fitocracy is one of those fitness apps which are designed like a game where you can share your progress, can put forward your challenges and then break them with the help of motivating videos posted by other members which are very useful. TRAIN TRIP- WEIGHT OFF YOUR MIND Everyone has thought of a dream body in mind and wants to gain it. This app attains your dream body with the help of the power of mind. Two techniques that is hypno-therapeutic audio tracks and neuro-linguistic programming toil on the muscles of mind so that you can cure and prevent the cause of your weight gain and not the symptoms. MYFITNESSPAL This is the calorie counter ap. It counts the calories in your choice of food and ultimately keeps you on a proper schedule that is complementary to your diet plan and so keeps you fit. WORKOUT HERO This app contains the videos of 700 workouts. You can upload your session to facebook, twitter or other social apps that you want. You can also track your friend’s training and take help from them in improving yours. INTERVAL PRO Interval pro is the type of app that works more like a stop watch but without clicking it. People who are used to work out with intervals can use this app. It looks affective when it beeps after the intervals of your exercise, play or work time break is over. NIKE+TRAINING CLUB This app is more like a training club; it breaks down large 15-45 minutes exercises into small slints and eases your workout. This is more like a partner for the persons who are already going to the gym. Moreover you can also share your output with your friends through this app. VIEW RANGER OUTDOORS GPS & MAPS If you want to search for the nearest outdoors then this is the coolest app. It tracks down the nearest swimming, cycling, hiking, running and horse riding routes for you. TEMPO RUN Listening to music while exercising makes you enthusiastic but it should not be too slow that becomes boring and should not be too fast that it...

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Nexercise app review

Nexercise is a totally new app that you wouldn’t have seen till now. The CEO and co-founder Ben Young after gaining his degree in computer science, saw his weight going up and down and then got an idea of nexercie and formed this unique app. This is specifically for the lazy people who avoid doing workout and every time find excuses to avoid exercise. This is a way to make you exercise in the form of a game. This app combines your daily workouts with its new technology and transforms it in the form of a game that everyone would love to play. As in a normal game there is an urge in a person to overcome his/her friend’s scores and be a champion. So same is the case with this app, in order to overcome his/her friend and get more points one has to work out more and this is the way he can lose most of his weight and get rid of the extra fats by just playing. It makes exercising more fun like a game. And in order to be a winner in this game you don’t have to be a sports champion or something like that but just you have to do is to work out or do running for 15 minutes. It’s that easy !! As we all know that now a days it is an era of laziness and a single motivation is not enough but as we have a lot of technology lovers here so this is the best solution to combine health with technology in order to make a better source of motivation and nexercise is the result of this. You can say that nexercise is the next generation of. You simply have to be active even at times you think you can’t, challenge your friends and then start achieving your goal. It is the best thing for the people that try to shape the things in new style and are challenge loving. You should know what the press says about this app Shape Magazine: One of “9 Ways to Use Your Smartphone to Stay Motivated” Mashable: A “Top Health and Fitness App” JetSet Magazine: A “Workout Gadget to Whip You Back Into Shape” Huffington Post: “A true Fitness App For Lazy People” Washingtonian: “The Next Generation of Exercise” Reuters: “Need motivation to hit the gym? Perhaps some free merchandise will work” So you don’t need any motivation after this, just get this app downloaded and start losing weight that you always wanted to do. Download app                             ...

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Verizon Mobile Security for Android – Powered by McAfee

McAfee is a known antivirus and is been offering mobile security to also its Android users for a long time. But now it is taken to a step further by Verizon. Verizon has announced its new security app that is being powered by the popular McAfee and Asurion and is named as “Verizon Mobile Security”. This security app is available for Android 2.1 and later. The prices of this app range from free to $1.99 a month. Features: This app will protect devices from digital and physical threats. It will give users, the ability to lock. Ability to set up alarms. To wipe data. And locate handsets remotely. Download Verizon Mobile Security for Android – Google Play Link According to Press Release: Verizon Mobile Security Basic: Provides antivirus protection, powered by McAfee, to detect viruses and malware, and McAfee® SiteAdvisor® to identify and warn customers of suspicious websites.  There is no charge to download Verizon Mobile Security Basic, but a Verizon Wireless data plan is required and data usage will apply. Verizon Mobile Security Premium: Includes the security features of Verizon Mobile Security Basic, as well as McAfee App Alert, which delivers information about which apps have the ability to access, store or transmit data to or from the device.  Available for $1.99/month per line, Verizon Mobile Security Premium also provides recovery features from Asurion that allow customers to remotely locate, alarm, lock or wipe data from a lost or misplaced device using their My Verizon accounts. Verizon Mobile Security Premium with Total Equipment Coverage: Customers with Total Equipment Coverage can add Verizon Mobile Security Premium for $1/month per line.  Total Equipment Coverage combines the benefits of Asurion’s Wireless Protection Plan for lost, stolen, and damaged devices, and Verizon Wireless’ Extended Warranty for mechanical or electrical defects after the manufacturer’s warranty expires. If you keep using different apps on your Android device, then it is a must app for you to have on your device. Like, if you use uTorrent app for your Android then this app is for you. Download this app and use as much apps as u like without any...

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Download Top 5 Android Apps of December

1. Download SwiftKey X Keyboard Change your Typing style with SwiftKey X keyboard. Now, typing is much easier on your android phones with this app, changing your touchscreen technology keyboard with one powered by better natural vocabulary technology. 2. Download Beautiful Widgets Wonderful set of widgets including time gadget, time and climate conditions gadget, weather conditions widgets, time frame widgets and toggle widgets with skins/themes support! Now with more widgets and layouts! 3. Download Cut the Rope Cut the String, get a star, and feast Om Nom sweets in this award-winning game! The long-awaited hit activity has lastly arrive at Android! Become a member of MORE THAN 55 MILLION PEOPLE who have already played and gave an average rating of 4.81 (out of 5)! 4. Download PowerAMP Full Version Unlocker This program unlocks PowerAMP, powerful music player for Android. Install PowerAMP Music Player. Unlocker removes the trial period limitation. Any version of PowerAMP can be unlocked (v1.x and v2.x). 5. Download SHADOWGUN The year is 2350, and corrupt intergalactic organizations are the rule of law, selecting bounty hunters and mercs to do their bidding. The best of the best are known as...

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