Top 5 Diet and Nutrition apps

When it comes to live a happy and healthy life free of diseases then you need to take care of your diet plan and fitness. It is one of the main things to lead a perfect healthy life. Along with exercise you need to take proper diet, no one of them can give perfect results. So for this purpose these apps can help you with your diet plan similarly as a nutritionist can, the only difference is that you don’t have to pay a lot of money here as in the case of a nutritionist. Fooducate This app helps you to pick out the healthiest food from the bar code and maintains your diet plan perfectly. It gives you all the information about the food products that helps you in your diet daily. In addition to that, one can enter the nutritional information of the food cooked by him/her into that diet chart in this app. Calorie counter pro Calorie counter pro is a three in one app that does three functions all in one place. It is a comprehensive food scanner, nutrition log and exercise tracker. With its food scanner it scans the food bar codes and gives all the information about their nutrients helping to choose the right one. It also has an option to input custom foods and recopies with tracking upto 45 different nutrients. In the exercise tracker, users can enter more than 500 activities with an option of calories burnt. Moreover, there is a planning feature for dieters who want to set a proper target. You can download it here: Diet Point Weight Loss This app has more than 130 diet plans for different people to lose weight and lead a healthy life. It helps you to shop and tells you about your different meals at different times. In addition to that, it also notifies you at your meal times to avoid so many cravings and over eating. You can download it here: My Fitness Pal This is the calorie counter ap. It counts the calories in your choice of food and ultimately keeps you on a proper schedule that is complementary to your diet plan and so keeps you fit. You can download it here: LOSE IT! Lose it is another great app to help you approach your target weight. It provides you a diet plan by knowing your height, weight and goal weight and so it makes your daily intake of food much easier according to a proper diet plan.    ...

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Updated Google Drive, Wallet, Shopper and Play Music for Android

Google updated their multiple apps few days back like Google Drive, Google Wallet, Google Play Music and Google Shopper. These all apps are the widely used apps of Google. There are minor updates for Google Play Music and Google Shopper but Google Drive and Google Wallet got huge updates. The updates are all about bug fixes and performance enhancements. The updated versions of all apps are available to download on Google Play store. Google Drive has got huge updates in this version like now you can create, edit, view and upload your documents and presentations. New features also include Google cloud print, file conversion and view of PDF and office documents. Download updated Google Drive below: Download Updated Google Drive – Google Play Link Google Wallet has got new security updates and other bug fixes that make app more stable and easy to use. There are also battery improvement features for Google Wallet. Also, Google Wallet now meets cloud. Download updated Google Wallet below: Download Updated Google Wallet – Google Play Link Google Play Music got only minor fixes in the updated version. The updated version is v4.3.615. There are just few bug fixes and support for Google TV devices in this version. Download updated Google Play Music below: Download Updated Google Play Music – Google Play Link The updated version of Google shopper app can filter weekly sales and can also browse visually similar products for you. Google Shopper has now more improved performance and stability. You can download Google Shopper from the link below: Download Updated Google Shopper – Google Play Link Stay tuned to us for more Updated Android...

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Google sets a lot of apps and games at 49¢ each for Google Play promo

A new promotion has started with well-known, premium apps going for 49¢ each. Headings include Sprinkle, Asphalt 5, SwiftKey X, and much more! What superior way to kick off your brand new project than to toss out a lot of Android games and apps at cheaper prices? That is exactly what Google has done here, placing 25 titles up with beautiful 49¢ price tags. Although it can be not the identical as the 10¢ material that ran back in the winter we think about there will be plenty of interest in these promotions. We are not sure how long the deals will run nor how many programmers and applications will be provided but we expect to see this run via 12th at the earliest. How do we know? Gameloft was prepared to go with a press release telling us which applications will be highlighted and on which days. Asphalt 6 low priced at 0.49$ (all week) NOVA 2 reduced at 0.49$ (Tue, Wed, Thur) Modern Combat 3 discounted at 0.49$ (Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon) Other labels listed in today’s launch include Endomondo PRO, Sprinkle, Need for Speed Hot Pursuit, and SwiftKey X keyboard. In fact, we are so affected with the list that we are ready to part with a couple of bucks right now. Check out the list of apps going for 49¢...

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Download EggDrop – Local Marketplace Free for Android

The better neighborhood marketplace. Buy, sell, & find fantastic deals nearby. As reviewed on BBC, EggDrop is the smarter neighborhood marketplace. The stress free mobile app suits local buyers and sellers to cash in on Egganomics – the skill and science of saving and creating money from your mobile device. Download EggDrop – Local Marketplace Free for Android “Perfectly designed app linking local buyers and sellers in real-time.” BBC “EggDrop marketplace is created to allow anyone with anything to sell to snap a few pictures with their iPhone or Android device” WSJ “EggDrop is an stylish, visually-driven Craigslist-type app for the mobile space, with a basic interface for uploading items for sale.” Inc. EggDrop Features: Itemizing items for sale as easy as getting pictures Share on Facebook and Twitter, one-click publish to Craigslist to reach more buyers Browse and look for for items by location Real-time messaging between buyers and sellers. Reputation/Karma can make it a safe environment Unlike eBay and Etsy, no listing or transaction fees Watch EggDrop Video Tutorial...

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