Gameloft’s Wild Blood now available for Android

Gameloft’s Wild Blood is now available for Android. Gameloft’s Wild Blood is the first game which is based on unreal technology. This game was released for iOS last month and then Gameloft promised that soon they will release this game for Android too. So, now Wild Blood is also available to download for Android users. Wild Blood is based on classic tale and unforgettable journey of Knight Sir Lancelot, who confronts King Arthur to save the world from evil and to save Guinevere (the Queen). The game is in real-time with full of 3D graphics and special effects powered by unreal technology. There are epic fights in the game with impressive enemies and stunning special powers. Amazingly, both local wi-fi and online modes are available for the game. The game is available to download from Google Play store worth $6.99. You can download from the link below: Download Gameloft’s Wild Blood for Android – Google Play Link Check out video trailer of Gameloft’s Wild Blood below: Features Check out the main features of Wild Blood for Android: Face 20 different enemies including epic bosses. Wield a wide range of weapons from axes and longbows to your powerful great sword. Enjoy intense, spectacular and gory combat with both melee and ranged battles. Explore fascinating environments and solve puzzles to reach hidden locations. Have fun with up to 8 friends in the impressive Team Deathmatch (4 vs. 4) and Capture the Flag modes. Connect with your Gameloft LIVE! friends and compare your scores on the leaderboard. Local (Wi-Fi) & online modes available. Wild Blood game requires 2GB of free space to download and it is available for Android 2.3 and above. So, download and experience this amazing unreal technology game. There are many other famous Gameloft apps for Android that you can download and play. And we’ll also keep you updated with all new upcoming...

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Updated Google Street View for Android – Now with 250,000 miles of roads and special collections

Google Street View is a fantastic thing which was added to Google Maps and Google Earth back in 2007. It has received about 63 updates. And now we are again here to give you another big update of Google Street View. According to Google Blog, in fact it is the biggest ever update to Google Maps and Street View. If we check the updated app in the Google Play store it only shows “bug fixes” in the what’s new section of app. But actually Google has updated around 250,000 miles of roadways in 17 different countries. The updated Google Street View covers areas of Macau, Singapore, Sweden, U.S., Thailand, Taiwan, Italy, Great Britain, Denmark, Norway, Canada, South Africa, Japan, Spain, France, Brazil and Mexico. Google has also updated “Special Collections” of Street View for less traveled places. This feature is available in South Africa, Japan, Spain, France, Brazil and Mexico. Most of the new spots appear to be parks, landmarks, and other places they thought would be fun to explore. From Google’s blog post: “You can explore our many new places directly in Google Maps, including parks, city centers, castles and tourist attractions like Catherine Palace  and Ferapontoy monastery in Russia, the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall in Taiwan, or Stanley Park  in Vancouver. You can even walk through the urban jungle of Singapore’s Fort Canning Park, without ever leaving home.” The update is available to download in Google Play store, you can download from the link below: Download Updated Google Street View – Google Play Link For more information and understanding you can check the previous updates of Google Maps and Google Street View. Stay tuned to us for more updates and...

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Rovio’s Angry Birds Star Wars coming to Android on November 8th

Rovio is never gone stop. Few days back they released Bad Piggies and now they have officially announced another chapter in the Angry Birds game i.e. Angry Birds Star Wars. Yes!! Rovio planned to release Angry Birds Star Wars on November 8th. The game will be release on all mobile platforms including Android. According to Rovio, this game will be similar to Angry Birds and Angry Birds Space but with Star Wars theme this time. If you see in the poster that I posted above this paragraph, there are many familiar faces that are included in this chapter. This game will be much better than the previous versions. Further, the locations of the game will be Star Wars trilogy battlefield, including Tatooine and the Death Star. Angry Birds will play the roles of classic Star Wars characters, such as Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia and Chewbacca. The pigs will play the role of The Empire, including a particularly porky Darth Vader. Colum Slevin, Vice President and Head of Studio Operations for Lucasfilm said, “People seem to instinctively know what to do when handed a lightsaber or a bird in a slingshot, so this is a natural combination. I did not know it was encoded in our DNA to shoot birds out of slingshots, but apparently that is the case.” Talking about Angry Birds Star Wars Peter Vesterbacka, CMO of Rovio said, “The force is definitely strong with this one.” Check out the official trailer of Angry Birds Star Wars below: Stay tuned to us, we will be definitely updating you about more news and updates about Angry Birds and...

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Updated Google Drive, Wallet, Shopper and Play Music for Android

Google updated their multiple apps few days back like Google Drive, Google Wallet, Google Play Music and Google Shopper. These all apps are the widely used apps of Google. There are minor updates for Google Play Music and Google Shopper but Google Drive and Google Wallet got huge updates. The updates are all about bug fixes and performance enhancements. The updated versions of all apps are available to download on Google Play store. Google Drive has got huge updates in this version like now you can create, edit, view and upload your documents and presentations. New features also include Google cloud print, file conversion and view of PDF and office documents. Download updated Google Drive below: Download Updated Google Drive – Google Play Link Google Wallet has got new security updates and other bug fixes that make app more stable and easy to use. There are also battery improvement features for Google Wallet. Also, Google Wallet now meets cloud. Download updated Google Wallet below: Download Updated Google Wallet – Google Play Link Google Play Music got only minor fixes in the updated version. The updated version is v4.3.615. There are just few bug fixes and support for Google TV devices in this version. Download updated Google Play Music below: Download Updated Google Play Music – Google Play Link The updated version of Google shopper app can filter weekly sales and can also browse visually similar products for you. Google Shopper has now more improved performance and stability. You can download Google Shopper from the link below: Download Updated Google Shopper – Google Play Link Stay tuned to us for more Updated Android...

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Updated Google Maps for Android – Now with high resolution images

Just after the previous update, another update for Google Maps is now available. This time Google has added high resolution images to its maps. In this updated version of Google Maps, Google has added more high-resolution satellite images and a number of 45 degree aerial images from a number of places around the world. Google Maps app has become very helpful and handy with this update. If you visit some city for the first time, this app will give you very good idea and layout of the whole city. The new high resolution imagery is added to a number of places in the United States and across the globe, 17 cities and 112 countries/regions are covered in this update. 45 degree aerial images have been added for 51 cities including 37 US and 14 International cities. Screenshots Check out some screenshots of app below to have a better idea: The update is available to download on Google Play store. Google has also provided a detailed list of cities and regions that include this updated Google Maps app. Check out below taken from Google’s official blog: Cities with new high resolution 45° imagery: United States: Ames, IA; Anderson, IN; Billings, MT; Bloomington, IL; Carmel Valley, CA; Cedar Rapids, IA; Coeur d’Alene, ID; Corvallis, OR; Danville, IL; Dayton, OH; Detroit, MI; Dubuque, IA; Elizabethtown, KY; Enid, OK; Florence, SC; Grand Forks, ND; Great Falls, MT; Gulfport, MS; Hartford, CT; Kankakee, IL; Kenosha, WI; Lafayette, IN; Lancaster, CA; Lansing, MI; Lewiston, ID; Los Banos, CA; Madison, WI; Medford, OR; Michigan City, IN; Olympia, WA; Pocatello, ID; Sheboygan, WI; Sioux City, IA; Sioux Falls, SD; South Bend, IN; Terre Haute, IN; Utica, NY. International: Angers, France; Clermont-Ferrand, France; Coimbra, Portugal; Dijon, France; Grenoble, France; Livorno, Italy; Lyon, France; Newcastle, United Kingdom; Oberhausen, Germany; Palermo, Italy; Pisa, Italy; Toulouse, France; Troyes, France; Winnipeg, Canada. Areas with new high resolution aerial updates: Florence OR, Kellogg ID, Casper WY, North Platte NE, Concordia KS, Alva OK, Austin TX, Nevada MO, Chilicothe MO, Toulouse FR, Clermont-Ferrand FR, Angers FR, Nantes FR, Troyes FR, Lille FR, Thun CH, Lucca IT Areas new high resolution satellite updates: Canada, United States, Mexico, Cuba, Jamaica, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina, Antarctica, South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Madagascar, Zambia, Angola, Malawi, Tanzania, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kenya, Somalia, Ethiopia, South Sudan, Sudan, Uganda, Central African Republic, Nigeria, Cameroon, Chad, Niger, Benin, Ghana, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Mali, The Gambia, Senegal, Mauritania, Western Sahara, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman, Qatar, United...

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Google Maps updated for Android with desktop history sync & single-handed zoom

Google Maps keep updating from time to time. Now, that Google Maps is officially removed from iOS 6 it has launched its update for Android. This time it is updated with desktop history sync and single-handed zoom features. Updated version is available to download in Google Play store and it requires Android 2.2 and above. You can download from below Google Play link: Download Updated Google Maps for Android – Google Play Link The desktop sync features is a really impressive one, it lets you keep track of all your trips and searches. Just try to understand with this example, if you are leaving for a trip and you are searching on your laptop where are you going? At the same time you are logged in from your Google account on your Android phone. In this way your whole history will be saved and next time when you will use the app, whole history will be present in front of you. See how simple!! Another new feature of Google Maps is single-handed zoom. It is also simple and easy new feature, just double tap anywhere on screen of your phone to use the zoom. For this simply hold down and slide your finger back and forth to zoom in and out. Check out, the official Google Maps changelog for Android: Access your desktop and mobile search history through My Places. Single-handed zoom; double tap, then hold down your finger and slide to zoom. Google Maps software engineer Keiji Maekawa said in a blog post about new features of Google Maps: “Just make sure you’re signed in to Google Maps and your web history is enabled to get a number of new benefits including search and directions history.” “You can also see your mapping search history, as well as your directions history, on your Android phone by going to the ‘Search’ or ‘Directions’ tab under My Places. This way, places and businesses you have already searched for will show up in your suggestions to save you time when you’re out and about.” So, hurry up and update your Google Maps app to get these amazing new features. And surely, we’ll keep you updated with any new improvements. Stay tuned to...

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