Carmageddon coming for Android in this Summer


Carmageddon for android devices has been officially declared and placed for a summer release. The game has been suspended in several countries due to its reckless style of gameplay.

Carmageddon Android

For the inexperienced, Carmageddon came out in 1997 as a hybrid of racing, battle, and hyperbole. Based mostly on classic B-movies like Death Race, the object is to get through the sprawling cityscape while wiping out you competitors with obstacles, power-ups, and good old-fashioned physics. There was a major controversy surrounding the original game, because it featured pedestrians that could be murdered but the past fifteen years has seen a lot worse in the world of gaming.

It is a racer that functions pedestrians who can often get in the way of a excited race down the streets of the city. It’s not as if pedestrians have not been in the way of hurt on other games like GTA and Saints Row, they are well known for this, but there can be something about its suspend in certain countries that brings out the wild, curious side in someone.

The game on its own is a direct port of the unique Carmageddon, so beyond a few high resolution designs and a new program, it is not exactly forcing modern hardware. At least you must not need the latest high-end devices to play it. There will be a few additions, though, like a nifty side-swipe map and immediate replays.

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