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Baidu Browser is the new browser that is published in market on 30th July 2014 by BAIDU HK. There are so many browsers  that are already available in the market but Baidu has made it place even though it is an new browser because of its unique features.

What You can do using Baidu Browser:

You can search very quickly and easily any data by using this browser. This is because of the feature of the browser that it speed up the speed of the downloading data and the data you are searching for. The developers of the Baidu has kept great care that the data of the users is kept  secure. You are not forced to open that data you are just provided with options to choose for your fun and information. One more interesting feature  this browser offers is that it automatically displays all the amazing data including pictures, videos and all other data in the browser. You can  use the 3 screen option on the one tab. No other browser let you search, browse and download on the single tab.  You can easily change the language of the browser by changing the settings of the browser also you can subscribe to the data or the content which is your favorite so you don’t have to visit again and again the content you want to get update of.

No Security Concern:

This browser is the best browser for the Android Phones  because  it keeps the security and privacy of the data as main concern..

There is the mode in the browser named as the incognito. When this mode is used No history of the data that you have searched and browsed is saved on the browser .If you want to get updates about weather and news you are provided with the links you can save them on your desktop by placing the widgets that are automatically update the data.

Baidu Browser is freely available on the App Store. Download it on your system and android phones both, this is best for both. If you have any query ask us at To get recent updates like  Facebook page of the baidu browser

You can free download Baidu Browser from Google Play Store.

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