Bedtime Kids Stories


Parents are always concerned about how to develop imagination and creative thinking in kids.

One of the best ways to do so is to read stories to them. At the same time, children like and

love the stories as well. They like to read them. Similarly, parents read stories to young kids in

order to enhance their creative thinking and strong imagination. It is worth stating here that

bedtime stories serve the purpose in best manner possible. It has been observed that reading

stories have brought a strong positive impact on psychological levels of children. They help the

children in following manners:

  • They increase the children’s knowledge
  • Enhance the intellectual development of kids
  • Curiosity of knowing more
  • Stronger relationship between kids and parents
  • Enhanced and improved imagination and creative thinking

Main features of the kid’s stories are as follows:

  • Collection of 60 stories minimum
  • Popular children stories
  • Heroic and string stories
  • These stories can be easily downloaded everywhere i.e. mobiles as well as tablets
  • These stories can be easily shared with friends.

After some time, new updates will have more kid’s stories. Stay in touch and enjoy latest


Author: Sohaib Syed

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