Be the King of the Jungle and wear that crown proudly


All new Android app game, called “Lion Chief”, is now available in the Play Store. It is a scrolling genre game play that will make you feel like a king, ruling the jungle and making all the other animals run like crazy.

The main concept of the game is to act like a King of the Jungle that is to get all the food you can by chasing other animals, while searching for food and quenching lion’s hunger. But you must be careful because there are numerous obstacles designed to slow you down in your quest.

We must warn you at the beginning: Lion Chief is super fun and highly addictive game that you will play over and over again. The game is designed with user friendly interface, and it is very easy to use. Even small children can play it with the full understanding of its goals. Action and fun time are guaranteed. There are many levels to be overcome and every one of them is packed with lots of challenging moments.
The designers of this game gave their best in making the game play look amazing. All the characters are cartoon like animated, looking sweet and adorable. The music and the jungle surroundings are also designed with special care, making it look gorgeous and super fun.

This game will get you nerves of steel and challenge your reflexes and that is another thing why games are created in the first place. You can play it on all android devices, because the developing engineers made sure to optimize the game for every gadget.
Lion Chief” is perfect game for everyone who enjoys playing games, regardless of their age. It is a convenient tool for parents who wish to spend more time with their kids by doing the things kids nowadays enjoy the most. And that is its key feature which makes this game play stand out from a crowd. It is also an excellent way to keep one entertained while waiting and make sure the time passes more quickly.
Download the “Lion Chief” and see what are all the fuss about and every one’s keep talking about it. Get connected through social media and compete with your friends – challenge them with your high scores.
The new and improved version 1.2 is running the game even more flawless with all the issues being fixed and now making your time pass ever so quickly.
Feel free to leave a comment and also write a review if you wish, the game developers would appreciate it.

You can free download it from app store here.

Author: ehsan

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