Street View on Google Maps is the No 1 Free app in Google Play

Google is growing its Street View functionality and now providing Google Street View that’s a new function of the mapping application, which allows viewers to virtually take a peek within of participating companies and have a look all over. With Street View on Google Maps, discover the world at street level. With Google Maps Street View, you can discover the world at street level. See popular sites, check out locations you want to check out in your hometown or miles away, and take a exclusive journey all over the world. To use Street View, open Google Maps, look for for a place or long-press the map, and touch the Street View option. To discover more about Street View and see where it is accessible, visit: Download Street View on Google Maps – Google Play Link Created by utilizing totally brilliant technology, Google’s new map in 3 dimensional are amazing. By utilizing a fleet of planes, Google has been able to take aerial images at a 45-degree angle, from various angles, autonomously lacing them with one another to paint an exact 3D model of the globe around you. See the screenshots below While it was not exposed precisely when Google’s new 3D mapping technology would be made provided to the public, but it is not too far enough. From what we have gathered, it will be available in Google Earth only, at least initial. Whenever Google Earth with enhanced 3D drops, look for it on both Android and...

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Pixeldroid Final Edition RC7 Rom with AROMA INSTALLER/HTC Sensation XL

Here is the one of my Android Rom which I also wants to publish here. It depends on on the UrDroid Rom from carl1961. He has designed a fantastic primary element for me and I have enhanced it for my requirements. Modified Aroma Installer with my Designs in English and German language more Applications, Tweaks and Widgets What’s New in this Edition: Beat audio XLOUD SWAP ZRAM RCTweaks download from SD Stock Cam, AMAZE Cam, Desire 3.0 Cam, MIUI Cam marc1706 2.2 Kernel WiFi/Bluetooth MAC target is truly unique now. GBLeoKernel-1.3-TBD+WiFi with working Hotspot Speed Adjustments DSP Bass Boost Themed and NO Themed Rom GPS for Germany in AROMA included my ROM-UPDATER Sense 4 Clock and Wallpaper Installation of Pixeldroid Final Edition RC7 Rom accu should have 50% install my recovery (Download Links Below) – TMOUS….system Partition size 130 or 170 MB in the Linked Files – EU….system Partition size 130 or 170 MB in the Attached Files make a EXT4 little 1024 MB or better for EU and Tmous make clean data, cache, Dalvic and Power States Rom set up via CWM -> change your configurations in AROMA Installer Set up finish go CWM -> Advanced -> Fix Premision for much better WLAN Connect for greater work -> Daemon Operator settings to see on top in gif conditions renewal with opens switch off. everyone allows to load widgets on display screen once and simply in some cases Rom on leo permit to settle down Download: Pixeldroid Final Edition RC7 Rom with AROMA INSTALLER/HTC Sensation XL 1. Download Link for Themed ROM 2. Download Link for Non Themed ROM source: pixelfreak-XDA...

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SwiftKey 3 hits Google Play store on sale for $1.99

Swiftkey, has just left its try out tag behind and as of right now is lastly available to anyone in the Google Play Store. We have talked about SwiftKey 3 here plenty as we are big lovers of the newest version out. Head below for more information, screenshots, video clip, and download links. Clean off of Swype stating their new beta SK is here to take apart their light. The all new SwiftKey 3 has tons of brilliant functions that makes it one of the best. Like predictive text, sensible punctuation, no need to hit spacebar any longer, and tons of other elements but the fact they listen to and upgrade features based on their VIP community of over 65,000 customers really is what makes it shine. Today they have added most of the features the community wants and have eventually released SwiftKey 3 to the Play Store right after about two months in beta. The whole keyboard is better, works superior, and just entire rocks. The prediction is amazing and they have not only improved that formula but the way it works from users Facebook, Twitter, or Gmail has been enhanced too. Once you set up it do not forget to let it understand from your typing routines for better prediction. SwiftKey’s hidden technology is in fact so accurate and amazing they have introduced SwiftKey Medical care where their technology will help companies take notes and complete their jobs quicker, this will lead to more patient time and more. We will be reading more on that front quickly but for today it is all about Android. SwiftKey 3 hits Google Play store on sale for $1.99 For more facts and details on SwiftKey reach any of our numerous links under for full protection. Enjoy the screenshots posted below, and then head to the Play Store link provided below to get the brand new SwiftKey 3 for mobile phones or tablets today. As a indication if you have paid for SwiftKey X this will be a free upgrade. For a limited time SwiftKey is enjoying the launch with a half off sale, get it now for $1.99 while this is...

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Samsung releases two new TV commercials, indicates how awesome the Galaxy III is

New Samsung Galaxy SIII is about to release their new and enhanced Galaxy S III leading smartphone to the US. It will be available beginning tomorrow on AT&T, T-Mobile and more and now they are beginning their big TV ad push. We can assume to see a lot of advertising for the new cellphone, and the past two days we have seen two wonderful ones show up so lets take a look. I like Samsung’s new route as of late too, they are displaying actual functions and factors you should buy their phone in commercials. Rather of just showing it actual quick and having a 15 second ad. If you would like to see all the functions shown below in real life check out our complete Galaxy S III Review, then enjoy the two new videos from New Samsung. Quite neat right? They are demonstrating off all of the share functions, S Beam, watching video while text messaging and much more all with the Galaxy S III. Just like the advertisement we saw last week, these display what users would basically do with their phone in real life, something more phone commercials should do. No one will be playing their HTC EVO 4G LTE as a piano with 40 other persons in the block — just expressing. Who requested the Samsung Galaxy S III here from a US carrier? Let us know what feature you are most thrilled...

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Home Run Battle 3D available Free for the whole week – Download Now

For those people who like baseball, what possibly will be the highlight of each game is when a player make a homerun. The show of power, timing and genuine grit simply would have any viewer energized on a baseball game. For those who want to create their own homeruns, even it can be just by means of a game, then Homerun Battle 2 for Android would absolutely help relive those moments. Homerun Battle 2 is a quite simple game where a player is a slugger out to create the most homeruns out there. He sets his or her expertise with other players to see who can score the most homeruns. But it actually is more than just a homerun contest. Players can choose their own heroes which can be personalized along with choices to change styles, apparel bats and more. Download Home Run Battle 3D – Google Play Link There are various ways that players can enjoy Homerun Battle 2. They can have a one on one the multiple, a survival competition or a mission mode game. You have also a mode where sluggers will try to make homeruns for as much as they want. An arcade mode is also offered as well as a exercising mode to practice those hitting skills before the real game. Homerun Battle 2 also permits players to play with other sluggers from all over the world. Homerun Battle 2 for Android is offered at Google play for a $1 download Free. FEATURES: Play versus other players from all over the world. You can also customize your character’s body structure, skin color or whatever you want. Extra stats and abilities can be included with fascinating styles, clothing, and bats. Select your own stadium: Awesome and superb themes with enjoyable grand-slams! 6 Different Game modes DUEL : One on One Match-up Challenge SURVIVAL : Survival Match-up Battle MISSION : Match-up with a highest of 4 players to Clear Missions BURNING : Never-ending throws burn through the wind, Swing Boost High ARCADE : Task on Success and New Records TRAINING : Exercise and train to be the all-time Slugger Home Run Battle 3D available Free Now- Google Play...

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