Google Ears Shazam opponent ported from Jelly Bean for those on ICS

Several of you could possibly have missed this neat new function during Google’s IO reports of Jelly Bean, and in case you did Google’s published their own Shazam or SoundHound like function called Sound Search — or Google Ears. This music listening and labeling service has been built into Android 4.1 Jelly Bean but appreciate it to a few devs from XDA can be used on all ICS gadgets and ROMS. Yes, just like Shazam or SoundHound Google Ears will hear and analyze a song for you, rather rapidly, and then bring up the specialist, album and an immediate link to the Google Play Shop so you can buy it. It appears to be work just as easily as SoundHound, and greater than Shazam — so it is definitely worth a try. Google Ears APK It does not offer any history or past tags like competing applications, but a direct one simply click link to the Play Store to buy the song is fairly nice. It was drawn and ported for rooted devices but this latest APK will work on stock and rooted phones and tablets. Anyone with ICS or an ICS ROM can enjoy Google Ears these days. Go ahead and download the APK below, then check out for the widget and add it to the homescreen of your option. via: android...

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Jelly Bean provides USB Audio service to Android gadgets

Looking into the new features and functions present in Jelly Bean, one item we have found is the inclusion of USB Audio. Jelly Bean provides USB Audio service to Android gadgets. Support for USB Audio indicates audio from a Jelly Bean based gadget can be utilized via the USB port. This provides an alternative to streaming audio by the external speaker jack or a Bluetooth link. Using USB Audio, hardware manufacturers will be able to create audio dock gadgets to interface with Android powered phones and tablets. A great example of this was an Android. Link dock on display from Gear4 during Google I/O. Check out the video below that showing how this will work. As the Gear4 video clip shows, the ability to bring audio over USB opens some options for the design of hardware that reduces complexity. Connecting in several cables (e.g. audio cable for sound and USB cable for asking for) or pairing up Bluetooth will no longer be essential. Based to Gear4, an app is in growth that will enable backwards interface with Gingerbread and ICS gadgets so they too can bring audio via the USB cable. However, the app was not offered at Google I/O. Can you think of other gadgets for which the existence of USB Audio opens the progression door? Is there a specific accessory you hope will now be offered thanks to this new...

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Download Top 5 Apps Games and Live wallpapers of June Free for Android

Download Top 5 Apps, Games and Live wallpapers Free for Android. These 5 apps are listed below. If you want to read complete features, want to see more screen shots and watch actual gameplay video. So follow the Get free android apps Link at the end of each application.   1. Download Snowfall Christmas Live Wallpaper for Android Snowfall is a superb live wallpaper providing delicate snowflakes falling overtop swaying pine trees. Not a film, with complete support for landscape style and home display switching on any type of screen! This full version has tons of configurations for colors, Xmas lights, time of day tracking, camera speeds, Santa sightings, snow physical appearance, and more! If you want to read more Features of this app before download. Follow the links Below: Read Complete Features of Snowfall Christmas Live Wallpaper – Getfreeandroidapps Link Download Free Snowfall Christmas Live Wallpaper – Google Play Link     2. Download adidas EURO 2012 LiveWallpaper Free for Android Get ready for the Euro 2012 kick-off with the standard adidas – UEFA Euro 2012 Live wallpaper. Even if you are not able to develop it to the Euro Cup on this event, this Awesome Live Wallpaper permits you take the tournament with you at any place you go. You can kick, touch, and volley a number of official “Tango 12 Match-balls straight on your home screen. Specifically for Android! This live background is ideal for all football lovers, prepared with the known UEFA Euro 2012 logo and the national flags of the countries. If you want to read more Features of this app before download. Follow the links Below: Read Complete Features of Adidas EURO 2012 LiveWallpaper – Getfreeandroidapps Link Download Free Adidas EURO 2012 LiveWallpaper – Google Play Link     3. Download Color Splash FX app Free for Android Color Splash FX is a photo improving application, and has noticed a huge number of downloads in the last couple weeks. After viewing the Google Play page, you will notice that there is genuinely only one feature present in color splash. This application does not change the image colors, but… If you want to read more Features of this app before download. Follow the links Below: Read Complete Features of Color Splash FX – Getfreeandroidapps Link Download Free Color Splash FX – Google Play Link     4. Download Talking Tom and Ben News Free for Android Talking Tom & Ben have come to be popular TV news superstars! Talk to them and they will replicate your words. Make & record interesting talks between them. This app allows you to upload and share your videos...

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Download best social game Pirates of the Caribbean Free for Android

It should be observed that Master of the Seas is much more closely relevant to the social games you would find on Facebook than whatever else. So if social games just are not for you, then you likely will not get much from this one. During the game, you are invited to connect to Facebook, share with friends, and make friends. While it is totally possible to proceed on without actually linking to and making friends, the progress will be shateringly slow. That becoming sad, on with the rest of the review! Expert of the Seas is the first cell phone game to merge deep story and outstanding graphics with powerful social gameplay. Come to be a pirate as you make your ship, build your team, and embark on missions covered around the lore from the Pirates of the Caribbean universe. Download Pirates of the Caribbean Free for Android – Google Play Link Encourage friends to join your team, the greater your team the stronger you are! Fight other pirates to gain benefits and improve your standing. Buy cannons, guns, amulets, and components to upgrade your ship. Explore incredible islands, buy properties, and complete quests to earn gold and experience. Only the smartest pirates know when to plunder rivals, challengers friends, and chart a course to become a star — The Master of the Seas! Gameplay: The way this game is performed is quite easy – sail around in your ship from island to island on a mission to finish quests, combat other pirates, and finally become master of the seas. Basically, there are only four factors of this game you will have to focus on, and all those are your team, battles, stabilizing up, and missions. Everything is story-based, so you would not basically be using any controls, guiding ships, or firing weapons. Overall, this game is very fun. It is designed more towards social players, so it may not be for every person. However, the story that goes together with it is enjoyment and entertaining, so those that do not normally like games like this and can still appreciate it. Watch the Actual Gameplay Video...

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Download Best Strategy Game Strikefleet Omega Free for Android

Do you love strategy games? You are in luck, 6Dwarves is launching a new strategy game designed by Harebrained Schemes, the people behind the unique Shadowrun. Strikefleet Omega leaves players versus the Hive Queen and her minions. Beat her by ordering the EEF Retribution and all its squadrons. Gamers will experience with wave after wave of aliens strikes while trying to command mining operations and improving their guarding fleet. Strikefleet Omega will be accessible on Google Play. Download Strikefleet Omega from Google Play Strange bugs may have ruined Earth and decreased its space fleet to a ragtag small number of survivors. If you have got an Android device, you can still ranking a few wins for humanity with Strikefleet Omega. To do that, you will travel from system to system trying to battle significantly difficult attacks from the aliens. Success is a matter of beating a specific number of attacker ships without losing your control ship. You does not have to fight alone. It is complement of fighters is fantastic for getting out the most primary opponent ships, but later levels find you up against guarded bugs, bombers and even alien capital ships. Thankfully, human beings still has some more items up its sleeve, and you will be able to unlock interceptors, bombers and gunships to counter particular threats. Graphically, Strikefleet Omega will not knock your footwear off, but the art work is awesome, and it’s apparent some attention went into the ship style. The appropriately triumphant concept that performs at the end of a cleaned stage is the highlight of the sound outcomes. The only element that can actually be called an irritation is the presence of advertisements during the loading screen and in-between missions, as they feel a tiny more in your face than in other freemium...

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