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Not long ago we’ve spent weeks having the phone to have the look and features we actually needed. We have exhibited a ton of ROMs, tweaked every setting we could, shifted widgets around until it felt right, and experimented with every launcher possible. So when I saw a launcher content recommendation pop up on our project board, I was a little reluctant. I was not champing at the bit to learn my way around a new software. However, upon seeing that it was a Windows Phone 7 style launcher I became much more fascinated.

On the other hand, in a earth of Android and iOS, objectives aren’t very high for a revival of a Windows-dominated software market.

This raises the problem: why, then, would anybody want to make a launcher copying the experience of a striving platform? Well, the platform is actually fairly good. I performed with a few Windows phones before I committed to another Android phone and I must say, I was satisfied. At that point, no Android gadget could compare to the iPhone’s liquid motions, usability, and elegant looks – but the Windows phone did. It actually defeat iOS in a number of ways.

This launcher is a great find for people who want to shorten their Android knowledge without going out and buying the Nokia Lumia phone. It’s also a superb way to test out WP7 if you see a new agreement in your upcoming future. It’s actually a zippy and easy launcher that does wonderful work in copying the Microsoft experience. It’s not correct but to the average eye, it would be difficult to see a considerable difference at first look.

Via: android.appstorm]

Author: shoaib

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