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I am absolutely addicted to the Maths Quiz Game for Kids since it is very motivating to have a countdown timer on the screen when you are trying to complete basic mathematical operations. It is definitely a very efficient educational tool for kids because it will not only improve their mathematical ability in terms of solving operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division but they will make quicker and more efficient decisions in everyday life. This is because the maths quiz game forces you to think quickly about whether an equation is correct or not. You can test yourself by progressing through to the harder difficulties where you only have several seconds to act.

Android App Math Quiz Game for Kids:

It is a free application which is a great even though there are advertisements but they are located in areas that won’t impact the gameplay. My first impression of the application was that it had a very basic design but is also very efficient because it’s simple for children to work. Children will definitely love the high score feature and the leader board system which encourages them to keep playing the Maths Quiz Game for Kids because they want to keep beating their previous high score. I definitely wish I had an application like this when I was in school because it is a fun way of doing mathematics instead of solving equations on sheets of paper. It is a brilliant idea to keep kids engaged in mathematics even if they don’t like the subject or if their math skills lack.

I would definitely recommend this application to parents, especially if your children don’t enjoy doing maths and aren’t very good at it because they will be happier playing this game instead of them going through equations in a workbook. The only problem you may have is getting your child to stop playing this game since it is so addicting! Maths Quiz Game for Kids is a brilliant Android application for brain training for the young demographic which is better than the alternative of your children playing shooting games which won’t be of any help to their learning.

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