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It is an outclass application for anyone who wants get performance with their phone.

When the first Android phone hit the market, multi-tasking is one of the main differences between the phones Android and Apple’s iPhone. Even if the iPhone can only run one application at a time, Android phones can run multiple applications in the background, so that when we returned from the App, it was right where you left off. Since then, the iPhone OS has received upgrades that give it multi-tasking, but the old situation in a beautiful illustration of one of the issues between the individual operating systems, multi-tasking and multi-tasking. All of these applications running in the background is a multitasking operating system to eat the available memory, slows down the phone and battery life. So you can not set a multi-tasking without virtue.

What is the Auto kill?

  • If you want to kill applications automatically, you must choose a auto-kill level
  • Secure: do not kill these applications do not work, but consume more memory.
  • Aggressive: Kill the running applications and background applications do not work.
  • Crazy: All applications, except with the applications in use.
  • You should be able to see Auto Kill displays information about the title, like “Auto-Kill: 12:20” This means that cars will begin at death 24:20, you can also change the effects of the frequency of killing own start time.

Download Advanced Task Killer For Android Free From Here

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