7 inch Google Nexus tablet coming at the end of June


Everyone’s discussing to the possible Google Nexus Tablet we have all been waiting for. Possibly since Google’s then CEO Eric Schmidt mocked an official Google tablet we have all been waiting for one. As gossip has it, the ASUS MeMo 370T 7-inch quad-core tablet from CEO will be the 1st Nexus tablet and now we have even more gossips.

Google Nexus tablet

Through Computex 2012 last week it is being revealed that an unknown company rep surprisingly confirmed the Nexus product to Android Authority, and even moved as far as to say it will be right here “by the end of June.” Lining right up with earlier rumors of a Google I/O debut in about Two weeks.

Certainly no other information were exposed as they are being tight lipped on the issue, and he basically said revealed by the end of June, not available. Even so, we anticipate retail accessibility will shortly follow the announcement and it will most probably be available in beginning to mid July. With NVIDIA’s new KAI budget friendly quad-core brand, a luxurious and lightweight design all under $200 they must have a real winner on their hands. Other gossips suggest Android 4.1 will make an appearance too but we will have to wait and see. More information are coming soon, so stay with us to get latest updates. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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