5 Top Android Games for Free Download


1- iMobster
“Start as a petty thief and rise to the Mafia Don by bringing others into your mob. Fight other mobsters in the most immersive massively multiplayer online game ever!

– Massively Multiplayer ONLINE Mafia Game!
– Join over 1.6 million players!
– Fight other player LIVE”

– This is an online game only

Download iMobster from Andriod market

2 – Ximad Snake

The best interpretation of classic snake game lovingly crafted by XIMAD team. Awesome graphics and enriched gameplay will greatly improve your game experience.

Direct your snake train through the deep underground mines using gestures avoiding obstacles and collecting artefacts to complete levels in arcade mode and to increase score in challenge mode. Different bonuses will help you in this task.

Will you dare to enter the dark caves on your snake train to find the hidden treasures?

Enjoy Snake with the following features:
– improved gameplay of a classic snake game
– high-quality graphics
– magical atmosphere of treasure hunting
– 2 game modes – arcade & challenge
– OpenFeint support


Download Ximad Snake best game

3- Contract Killer

Pulled into a world of bounty hunters, mobsters and criminals, you must check in with your contacts and accept SECRET MISSIONS that only you can handle. Select your WEAPON OF CHOICE from an inventory of sniper rifles, assault rifles and machine guns. Locate your target, zoom in, take aim and GO FOR THE HEADSHOT to earn cold hard cash. You might eliminate a crime boss and escape without being spotted, or you might walk straight into an AMBUSH…

action game Contract Killer download now


4- Yoo Ninja! Free

Simple but fun one touch arcade game
Yoo Ninja Plus now available on Android Market!
Yoo Ninja is a fast-paced jump game, to lead the player to a neck and neck into the strange world of jump.
Jumping up and down run over and avoid obstacles. Constant forward speed, to throw off the chase has been behind in their own darts. Once the action errors, it will fall into the abyss or be killed by darts.

Yoo Ninja! Free game download

5- Electopia

Key features:
Electopia features high end features such as
•Particle Effects
•GPU skinned character animations
•Water surface rendering using normal maps
•Cube map reflection materials
•Projected Shadows
•Depth of Field post processing effect
•Bloom post processing effect
•48 000 average triangles per frame

download Electopia game for free



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